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Haere Mai


Lupus New Zealand welcomes you to browse our website and become more informed about this life-changing condition.

We have over the years done our best to support the lupus community, their families and friends, however we are no longer able to provide that support due to lack of volunteers. As a charitable trust Lupus NZ is no longer operating. 

Arthritis NZ has agreed to continue providing on going support for those with lupus in the following ways: 

* an arthritis educator will be available during a live Facebook session on Monday evenings. A topic for the evening is posted early in the day so those watching the feeds are alerted to items that may be of interest. 

The live Facebook session on Monday 11 December will focus on lupus. Visit Arthritis NZ Comms Facebook page for this session. It will be a great opportunity to ask questions and get advice from an expert.


* the creation and mediating of a closed Facebook group for those with lupus. A skilled mediator will be responding.


* an invitation to bloggers who should send their information to 


* the provision of telephone based health coaching for lupus patients comprising, resources, assessment, goal setting and follow up.

* Arthritis NZ 0800 help line expertise and emergency referral to an AE. 

Visit for contact details.

Lupus North Shore will continue with their monthly meetings.  See our meetings page for further information.


Contact us:  0800 324 634 or email 




The opinions and statements expressed by the authors or contributors to this website do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of  Lupus  New Zealand. In all medical matters, we recommend that you seek professional advice from a qualified doctor or health professional.