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Living with Lupus

The key to living a better life with lupus is being well informed about the condition, understanding your limitations and making the most of your options - wellness does begin with you. So read on and learn how best to make informed choices and decisions about leading an active and fulfilling life :

  • Become well educated about lupus. This will help take away the fear of the unknown.
  • Rest is essential. The fatigue is not like tiredness from physical exertion. Allow extra time without feeling guilty.
  • Plan ahead. Develop priorities and pace your daily activities. Break down goals into small manageable steps that can be accomplished in short amounts of time.
  • Make an effort to do some exercise but don't over do it. This will help prevent muscle weakness and fatigue.
  • Be open with family and friends about the unpredictable pattern of lupus and how it affects you.
  • Try to listen to your body. If you feel tired then take a rest. This may mean taking daytime naps or restructuring your schedule.
  • Stress, depression and pain are all closely connected and each affects the other. Take steps to resolve any of these problems in order to reduce the others.
  • Many lupus patients are sun sensitive. Avoid sun exposure and ultra violet light. Wear protective clothing and sun block when outside.
  • Ask for help when you need it. Your family, friends, health professional and Lupus New Zealand can help with understanding your experiences and relate.

Dr Daniel Wallace, well known author of "The Lupus Book" believes that patients can benefit greatly from supportive groups and should be encouraged to seek this type of assistance.